Search engines have become the gatekeepers of the digital world. They feed us with our daily news, help us to obtain information, and they help us find all kinds of great stuff.

Fact is, we all tend to trust them a bit too much. Like our friends and family, we share a lot of personal and private information about our likes, dislikes, interests, habits, health, hobbies, travel, and more by the things we search and the links we click online. What many of us didn't know is that Big Tech harvests this data, and they make a fortune off of your data. However, if you’re not using a private search engine like Seekly, all your searches and clicks are being gathered up into a digital profile Big Tech is building on you. Often, they use this data to market to you, they sell your data to others, and sadly your data can even be used to attack you or even censor you.

Seekly. provides all users with search privacy. This means that all the resources we fetch online (data, images, etc.) go through our server first before being shown to users, thus ensuring that no one will be able to track down the search requests to a specific user. We don't gather search queries, search history or clicks. We also don't gather, store, share or sell any data to anyone, for any purpose. Seekly is committed to providing you a private search engine, and protecting your right to privacy.

Thank you for using Seekly!

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